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These are posts that may or may not be motorcycle related and which I would consider keeping for a book. These posts when ordered from newest to oldest, could be chapters of a book or a list of short stories which would compose a book. It could be seen as an ongoing project, a being written now, live book project. I do some minor edits and tweaks here and there. But it is almost done as it is, and with some help from an editor and it could take good shape. I would start it with the “why I ride” page and then order these posts starting from the oldest post until the most recent one. It is basically done until the next post to be included in the book project.

A Walk Down Memory Lane (in Porto Alegre)

I appreciate the value of a nice walk. Of course, I’d rather be riding, but as any world observer would state, slowing down helps in paying attention to the details, they are the dots we connect to realize the big … Continue reading

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One Week (the film): What would you do?

The 2008 film “One Week” starts with the main character, Ben Tyler, sitting across the table from his doctor, as he receives the news that he has gotten a very aggressive form of cancer and needs to immediately start an … Continue reading

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Thinking About my Father (and the cars he owned)

My father has always been very healthy. And proactive about his health and adheres to a healthy lifestyle. Then suddenly he hit a small bump on the road these last few weeks. Something that is small and he will overcome, … Continue reading

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The Riding Pace

This article I’m posting here was originally published in the June 1993 issue of Sport Rider. And again on the February 2009 issue of Sport Rider. It is a popular article, I came across this text on at least one … Continue reading

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Happy New Year (it is all about the Solstice)!

December 22nd, at 5:30am, was when we should had celebrated the 2012 New Year.  It is the time when we have the shortest day, from the Northern Hemisphere perspective on Earth we are tilted the farthest away from the sun, … Continue reading

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Stand by Me, the film (A trip to Brownsville, Oregon)

I had talked with Doug and Annie about a possible ride this Saturday, November 26.  I had checked the weather forecast several days before and this day kept coming up as the only dry day of the holiday or even … Continue reading

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My daily commute to work (part 2)

Crossing the bridge, while in the winter when it gets dark early, sometimes I get to see the sunset. After I cross the bridge, I start going west, towards the sun. In the Summer, at this time of the day … Continue reading

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My daily commute to work

This post is written in memory of my cousin Eduardo D’Agord Schaan. Eduardo was an avid cyclist who once rode from Seattle, WA, to Washington, DC.  For a cause.  Somewhere in the 1990’S Eduardo applied to the Bike-Aid chapter of … Continue reading

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I’d rather be sailing? (2007)

Despite such a great and successful back to riding opportunity in 2006, it turns out I did not ride much after the great Steens adventure. For one thing, I had felt a great sense of accomplishment with that ride. It … Continue reading

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