My daily commute to work (part 2)

Crossing the bridge, while in the winter when it gets dark early, sometimes I get to see the sunset.

After I cross the bridge, I start going west, towards the sun. In the Summer, at this time of the day it is warm and the river is crowded with kids floating down the river on all sorts of tubes or on whatever they can float.  The bike path gos though a park and crosses this small water fall.

And continue west going past a couple of restaurants.  In the summer, it this one here is an inviting location for a cold drought beer.

Then I go passed a shopping center before crossing another bridge to the South Bank of the river and then to my street.

I’m not one to take things for granted.  I’m always thankful for what I have and I never forget what could other scenarios look like.  In the particular case of my cousin, I know how much he battled, while an Engineer for the City of Porto Alegre, to design and establish bike paths throughout the city.

After his death, eventually one of his projects got out of the drafting board and became a reality.  His father, his sister, his daughter, niece and nephew, along side Porto Alegre’s Mayor were present at the ceremony when a first portion of the bike path was finally open to the public.  And it was named after him!

The battle is not over, though.  There is much more to be planned, built and maintained to make sure bicycles are considered a viable means of transportation in Porto Alegre and in the world.

Point in case, a sad news blurb from Porto Alegre, shown to the world, demonstrates how difficult it is for bikers to conquer a small share of the road in Porto Alegre.  The video below shows bicyclists riding on a peaceful demonstration exactly with the purpose of obtaining more visibility and attention from the authorities, claiming more and better bike paths. Suddenly a motorist, alleging to “be in a hurry”, ran over several bicyclists.

So we carry on.  I feel for everyone who has not gotten to the level of riding comfort I have a this time.  And I support movements promoted by bicyclists around the world, when they try to obtain more attention to their cause. Which is our cause,a community cause, because with more effective use of bicycles as a means of transportation we not only save energy, but we improve the quality of life of a community.

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2 Responses to My daily commute to work (part 2)

  1. Carlos Rissotto says:

    Good night, Cesar;
    My name is Carlos Rissotto, talked today in Porto Alegre on the new Super Ténéré 1200 Yamaha dealership in Ynovamotos. I found a very good blog and liked it even more to realize that besides the bikes have in common other passion: photography. I also liked the his Yamaha WR, I’m sure if she came to Brazil in this version “R” would likely. Congratulations for the Blog and I’ll become a loyal reader.
    PS: Forgive me for English because I do not usually practice a lot.

    Carlos Rissotto

  2. Johnny says:

    que saudade do “Jacozinho”…..
    era um guri nota 1000.
    Faz falta não encontrar ele pela rua uma ou duas vezes por mês e gritar: Jacóóóóziiiiinhooooo…. ele ficava muito puto da cara mas logo vinha e me abraçava dando muitas risadas…
    Muito bonita esta tua lembrança.
    Abçs prá ti.

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