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These are posts that may or may not be motorcycle related and which I would consider keeping for a book. These posts when ordered from newest to oldest, could be chapters of a book or a list of short stories which would compose a book. It could be seen as an ongoing project, a being written now, live book project. I do some minor edits and tweaks here and there. But it is almost done as it is, and with some help from an editor and it could take good shape. I would start it with the “why I ride” page and then order these posts starting from the oldest post until the most recent one. It is basically done until the next post to be included in the book project.

Another adventure at the Steens Mountain area

Shaped like a small mountain chain, on a 45 degree angle running northeast to southwest, the Steens Mountain is tall enough and distinct enough from other geographical features in the area. It can be viewed from many miles away. It … Continue reading

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Goodbye Francis!

It takes a village to raise a child… this African proverb makes a lot of sense to me. Likely because I know it took my village to get me where I am today. I grew up in an environment where … Continue reading

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A can of chain lube and a lot more

A few Saturdays ago, sometime before my weekends were consumed in the garage, cleaning up 88 years of dust and left over bits of projects from the owners my house has had since 1925 when it was built, I realized … Continue reading

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Checking the Spruce Goose in McMinnville

I always liked airplanes. I loved when my parents took me to the local airport in Porto Alegre when I was growing up.  The photo below is from the Aeroporto Internacional Salgado Filho (Salgado Filho International Airport) in Porto Alegre.  … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day, Dalai Lama, Closed Mountain Roads, and the Pikes Peak

I once heard that in terms of dedication to their children and families, mothers are all alike around the world. The only thing different between my mother, your mother, their mother, his or her mother is the address. My mother … Continue reading

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To Crater Lake and other nice places with the Ducati Multistrada

This post is written in memory of my Uncle André Benito D’Agord (Tio Benito). After several days of rainy and cold weather I was more than ready to ride when things cleared on the weekend’s weather forecast. And to compensate … Continue reading

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180° South, Economics, Alaska, Marshall Islands, and my new Motorcycle

Last Friday I finally met my new motorcycle when I stopped by the European Motorcycles of Western Oregon (EMCWOR) to start its paper work process.  Beautiful and shiny under a bright and sunny March day, there it was waiting for … Continue reading

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The Ducati Streetfigher 848 and the Stockholm Syndrome

A look back at my 2012 Riding Season  The 2012 riding season was an extraordinary riding season for me. I mostly rode a bike that is completely different than what I traditionally ride.  A bike that pushed my road riding … Continue reading

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122112, Not the End of Times

Before I catch up with my normal operations in this blog, and who knows what can be considered normal operations, I had to take care of two more job assignments before year’s end: Honolulu and Olympia. But most importantly, I … Continue reading

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Have I lost the thread of the story?

If you are one of the three or four (on a good day) regular readers of this blog you must be wondering where have I been and why have I been so quiet. Has he dropped off of this earth? … Continue reading

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