2019 One Moto Show Part 1

An annual February trip to Portland, Oregon to visit the One Moto Show has become a fixture in my calendar. This year’s show, its 10th anniversary, was sponsored by Indian Motorcycles and did not disappoint, although it seems the show has reached a new standard.


What do I mean by that? The show has become national in its scope and has grown into a somewhat professional scene, offering a platform for manufacturers’ of large and micro scale products to market their halo or production motorcycles. Can someone criticize the the organizers for that? Certainly. Can someone appreciate the evolving nature of the show? No question.  I appreciate both sides of the equation.


In my opinion, as long as its central premise to offer an arena for motorcycle artisans (how else would you call these geniuses?) to show their unique creations while encouraging riders, motorcycle enthusiasts, and the public in general to appreciate these creations, it is a success.


Overall, we need more opportunities to get out of our social media screens and more into seeing actual motorcycles and for that, the show did not disappoint. I hope this show continues into the future, and evolve as needed while maintaining its initial premise.  I appreciate See See Café for their continued work on promoting motorcycle enthusiasts and their creations.


On these series of posts I will depict the motorcycles that called my attention and which I was able to photograph, which is a hard task, mind you, requiring plenty of patience to wait for the right moment when I could have a clear shot of a bike without anyone around it.  I will organize a few posts by themes (something like Indian, Roland Sands Design, Italian bikes, Honda’s inline-four motorcycles from the 70’s and a couple of other themes), to keep posts short and to the point.


Stay tuned! Thank you for reading.

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