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These are posts that may or may not be motorcycle related and which I would consider keeping for a book. These posts when ordered from newest to oldest, could be chapters of a book or a list of short stories which would compose a book. It could be seen as an ongoing project, a being written now, live book project. I do some minor edits and tweaks here and there. But it is almost done as it is, and with some help from an editor and it could take good shape. I would start it with the “why I ride” page and then order these posts starting from the oldest post until the most recent one. It is basically done until the next post to be included in the book project.

Riding the BMW R NineT, thinking about the BMW R NineT Scrambler

Take a look at this  motorcycle.  Doesn’t it look great in my garage? I like the boxer motor, the nice shape of the tank and the overall nice lines of a standard concept. But I prefer the Scrambler version of … Continue reading

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A Perfect Sunday. Well almost…

On any Sunday was a great film.  Steve McQueen, Mert Lawwill, and Malcolm Smith showed us several versions of great motorcycling Sundays.  Here I offer one humble interpretation of a perfect, to me, motorcycle Sunday. First, you need to have … Continue reading

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A chance encounter with Simon and Lisa

Do I need to tell you who Simon and Lisa Thomas are? If you are into adventure riding I bet you know them.  Maybe you know them from the many activities they do as part of their travels around the … Continue reading

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The Honda CB500X Adventure – Part 3: Building the bike

The purchase of this bike, the research about the adventure kit, the communication with Rally Raid Products team, sourcing or building the parts not included on the kit, getting a few odd tools here and there and getting the shop … Continue reading

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The Honda CB500X Adventure – Part 2: Setting up the shop and parts shopping

How many times I stared at this ad which is found on the last pages of American motorcycle magazines, where this Harbor Freight, made in China, Pittsburgh brand motorcycle lift is available for US$299.99. I never bought it until now … Continue reading

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The Honda CB500X Adventure – Part 1: Why this bike?

This last February I spent a good amount of time in my garage, building a CB500X into an adventure motorcycle.  I never minded the winter with its cold and rainy evenings, the build of this bike in my garage was … Continue reading

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V.I.P. for 15 minutes, a new (to me) motorcycle, and a logo

Frequent travel for work, then holiday vacation, and the Pacific Northwest winter weather all conspired to keep me away from my motorcycle shed in the last few months.  I like traveling and I like flying, so I will not complain … Continue reading

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Old friends get together for a Spring day ride

I moved to Eugene in November 2005.  After several years without riding, in March of 2006 I once again acquired a motorcycle. It was a BMW Dakar and with it I started riding again.  New to the area, riding was … Continue reading

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Observations on Public Transportation

In the last several months I attended work related meetings in Washington DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Portland. In all of them I made use of their public transportation system. Using those systems was convenient to me in terms of … Continue reading

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What’s in Lincoln City?

Not much. Except that it is often where my friends find rental houses for the weekends when we get together on the coast. I had this trip marked on my calendar long time ago. When was it going to happen … Continue reading

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