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This area is about the documentation of non-motorcycle related travels.

A Walk Down Memory Lane (in Porto Alegre)

I appreciate the value of a nice walk. Of course, I’d rather be riding, but as any world observer would state, slowing down helps in paying attention to the details, they are the dots we connect to realize the big … Continue reading

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Porto Alegre

I just returned from a nice visit to Porto Alegre. Porto Alegre is where I learned about life. That’s where I was born. To me, it is the most important place in the world. Porto Alegre in appropriate perspective to … Continue reading

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A Day of Adventure at the Eugene Airport

It was the first day of Spring in 2012. Looking out the window in the very early morning of March 21st I was very surprised to see a wintry scene, instead.  Was I in Alaska? It was not a dream, … Continue reading

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American Samoa (Places to Stay)

I can’t believe it, but I have not ridden a motorcycle in 2012 yet.  Weather and work have conspired to keep me away from the bikes.  I’m getting anxious… but I know very nice riding days will soon be here.  … Continue reading

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A Trip to Borgo Panigale to Visit DUCATI

One has to be lucky to have an opportunity like this.  I’ve always liked visiting factories and plants of anything, from soybean oil plants to tractor plants, such as I have visited in school and college days.  But to visit … Continue reading

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World Rider in Eugene

On February 3rd, 2011 I attended Allan Karl’s presentation of his world travels on motorcycle at the European Motorcycles of Western Oregon. In general I admire all world adventure people. I admire their courage.  Especially their  courage to leave things … Continue reading

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