To Oregon’s Ona Beach for a Tamale (Tiger 800 XC)

Last year I went to Ona beach, had a hot dog and a cup of gumbo, a quick visit, and I was back on the road. This year it was a Tamale.

Somewhere south of Yachats. May 20th, 2012

And like last year, there was a threat of rain, and then it actually rained. And like last year, despite the rain, there they were: Rod, Erika and the Cycle Parts team, braving the weather to make this get together happen. Thanks guys!

The Tiger getting ready. May 20th, 2012

In early September last year when I was picking my Dakar up from service at the BMW dealer I met a couple from Switzerland (Oliver and Monika) who were traveling through the area. They made good friends in Eugene and decided to make Oregon their home base for rides in the United States. This year, Oliver brought his brother for rides in the area, so I invited them to ride with me to the Ona beach cookout organized by Cycle Parts Triumph.

Rain… Stop on the side of the road to adjust rain gear. May 20th, 2012

To get there I took them on my Pacific Ocean counter clock loop. Thirty minutes into the ride and it started raining.

May 2012

We continued, went on via Philomath, and stopped for a cup of coffee at Deb’s Cafe in Alsea.

Deb’s Cafe, Alsea, Oregon. May 20th, 2012

Although I usually like better when I ride by myself, it was good to ride with them. They ride a good pace and were pushing me some. Soon we made it to Waldport and went north a few miles to get to Ona beach, where the event was already on the way.

Cycle Parts Cookout at Ona Beach, May 20th, 2012

Oliver and Chris got to meet some people who gave them good ideas about places to ride. Starting Monday they would ride south, towards California. After the tamale (there were plenty of other options on the cookout menu, BTW) we got back on the road, going south on Hwy 101.

Brays Point, Oregon Coast. May 20th, 2012

This time of the year hwy 101 is not so busy. The weather was not great, but at least it had stopped raining. As the weather firms up later in the season this road becomes a procession of slow moving cars and motorhomes. So I was not complaining. We stopped at several points, and on one of them we asked someone to take our picture. She did not quite understand the value of having the bikes be part of the photo. We had a few laughs about our interpretation of what makes a great photo when documenting travel on motorcycle. Thank you Romanian ladies for taking our picture and having a few laughs with us!

Chris, Oliver and Cesar. Somewhere on hwy 101, Oregon. May 20th, 2012

We continued south. Wherever you stop, and you take a closer look at the terrain, on escarpments at the edge with the beach, you notice how the Oregon coast is eroding away. Ocean and perhaps rain conspire against it.

Water drops. Oregon coast, May 20th, 2012

We stopped for gas before turning to hwy 126 for the quickest way back to Eugene. Oliver and Chris made friends with a Harley rider at the gas station. And Chris claims he saw and actual black bear on the side of the road. Gas attendant confirms a bear sighting is possible and also warns us about Elk on the way back to Eugene. They can do good damage when hit by a motorcycle, he says. And that is true. The Elk story, I mean, and its potential damage. Now, that black bear story?

Gasoline in Newport, Oregon. May 20, 2012.

From here we took 126 and just continued back to Eugene. In Veneta we took Territorial and a slight detour on Briggs Hill road. I like that short road.

Back home. May 20th, 2012

It is always an adventure when I take a motorcycle for a ride. What a beautiful state Oregon is. It is fun even when it rains. Well, not really, I wished it rained less than it does.

238 miles, 381 km, Same Distance between Porto Alegre and Bagé. May 20th, 2012

Today’s ride was 238 miles long which is 381 km, the same distance from Porto Alegre to Bagé, a trip I made often when I lived in Brazil and just did it again this last time I was there. Oliver and Chris were tired after this ride, after all, they were still jet legged from their trip from Switzerland and this was probably their first long ride of the year. It was great to take the Triumph back for a spin, it was its first long ride of the year as well. The Ducati has been claiming my time since it arrived in my garage.

Thanks for reading.


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2 Responses to To Oregon’s Ona Beach for a Tamale (Tiger 800 XC)

  1. SonjaM says:

    In case you need a bike sitter while you are playing with the Tiger, I would make myself available. It is not healthy for a Ducati to sit around and do nothing…

    • cesardagord says:

      Thank you so much for the offer. But you know, I planned it just right. When I ride the Triumph, the WR250 makes company to the SF848. When I ride the WR250R, the Triumph plays with the SF848. She is never alone.:-)

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