The count down to Spring has started!

Nothing like an unusually set of cold weeks here in west-central Oregon for me to officially start the count down for Spring .  March 20 is when it will happen in 2017. As of today 62 days separate us from officially celebrating it. The sun, with its companions warmth, longer days, and great riding, is on its way back.

No way Jose.

No way Jose, she said.

I could use the couple of snow storms interspersed with ice rain we’ve had here in Oregon as an excuse not to ride and not to write.  Well, it was a strong contributor together with travel with family, to visit friends, and for work, preventing me from riding.

São Paulo, Brazil

Landing at Guarulhos Airport, São Paulo, Brazil.

Landing at Guarulhos Airport, São Paulo, Brazil – a sea of tall condominiums.

Porto Alegre, Brazil

Landing at Salgado Filho Airport, in Porto Alegre.

Landing at Salgado Filho Airport, in Porto Alegre, an undiscovered paradise.

Ice Rain in Eugene

Beautiful but destructive icerain

Beautiful but destructive ice rain

Unusual set of snow days in Eugene.

Nice walk by the river on a snow day

Nice walk by the river on a snow day

Keeping me away from writing, on the other hand, has been an expedition on video editing. It seems people have been watching Youtube videos instead of reading blogs for getting informal information on topics of interest.

Maybe I’m only speaking for myself? I have three Youtube channels, one of them is called “TheCDANet”.  I’ve had this channel for several years, there are several videos on this channel, mostly riding footage.  Since most of these videos are in unedited form, I barely have 50 subscribers on that channel. I also started an “I’d rather be riding” channel to become the official companion of this blog.  I started it several months ago but have not made any videos for it yet.  Over the holidays I started another channel, this one is for personal and family stories. I have only one video on that channel and it went viral. Viral within my family that is.

This scenario has to change.  I don’t know how far I will go in terms of making videos, but during the winter break I uploaded Adobe Premier Pro (Creative Cloud) and started learning about video editing.  I have enough footage to make videos from past rides in the Death Valley, in northern California, the Steens (here in Oregon), a few test rides, or to simply discuss something about each of my own bikes. Let’s see how that goes.

Meanwhile, this new year looks promising in terms of riding. I already organized my annual epic (to me) rides; one will be to the Death Valley (CB500X Adventure and WR250R), and another to Northern California (Multistrada). And I’m planning to start another annual ride to my beloved Oregon’s southeast area (likely a solo ride).  And for the following years I would like to start a series of rides to the various Backcountry Discovery Routes. Ultimately, who knows when but certainly not this year, there will be a ride to Alaska and another to Patagonia, two places I’ve visited before by car or plane and can’t wait to be on those places on a motorcycle.  I would also like to take a road riding course and get some track days on my belt as well.

For now, though, the bikes are safely dry in the stable. Looking at this picture, don’t they seem as anxious as I am about the start of the new riding season?

Bikes waiting for better riding days

Bikes waiting for better riding days

Up next, in preparation for the Death Valley ride I will do some maintenance and improvement work on the Honda and the Yamaha.  I’m just waiting for warmer days (typically, Oregon winters are not too cold, so those warmer days will come soon) so I can start working on the bikes.  For now, all I do in the garage is to transfer the battery tender from one bike to another.

Battery tender, keeping all bikes charged!

Battery tender, keeping all bikes charged and ready to go!

One of the improvements to the Honda will be a set of auxiliary lights.  Last year, on our Death Valley rides, we always came back to camp after dark. This time I will be ready for it. Santa Klaus stopped by and delivered a set of Denali single-intensity lights that should illuminate plenty of trail ahead of me for possible night rides.  I got another set of wires and switches for these lights, so besides the Honda, another bike will get the privilege of having these lights as well, likely the Yamaha for now.

These lights are powerful...

These lights are powerful… 695 feet will be plenty good on a gravel road

Other work on the Honda will include installing a set of adventure riding mirrors, adjustments to the rear shock, and adjustments to the clutch cable, all needed improvements based on last year’s experience riding this bike on the Death Valley.  The Yamaha will get  adventure mirrors as well (maybe the same set for both bikes) and a new rear tire.  They will both get oil changes, and other basic maintenance work of course.

I hope you are all doing well, are enjoying the new year, and are looking forward to the 2017 riding season!  Thank you for reading.

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4 Responses to The count down to Spring has started!

  1. interminavel says:

    seria legal te acompanhar em uma destas… norte da Califórnia deve ser sensacional…
    quem sabe

  2. Trobairitz says:

    Come on Spring! Our weather lately has not be conducive to riding that is for sure. I am looking forward to the rain and warmer weather. At least Corvallis didn’t get quite the ice storm Eugene received, but the cold combined with the gravel on the roads is deterring.

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