Is September 10th 2014 the day we will see the New Africa Twin?

Will it finally be unveiled, and will this reveal take place five days from today? A tease on Honda’s German site, the home country of Intermot (2014 Intermot starts on October 1st in Cologne), shows an illustration of a magician in the process of revealing a motorcycle.

We would expect the Africa Twin name with its following and tradition would require something larger than a world premiere promoted by Honda’s German site. That is, Honda would want to make it a larger event.  So, not keeping our hopes too high, let’s entertain the possibility.

Magician reveals the...

The caption on the illustration says:

World Premiere on September 10th! We show a new form of adventure.
Whoever you are, wherever you are: Get ready for a motorcycle that will allow you a whole new experience. The experience of being able at any time to break out of the everyday. Do not miss out when the curtain falls.

Well, this is just a drawing, and it is not a real motorcycle on the illustration. That is: it’s not it, even if it’s meant to be it.  We will wait another five days to know what this new motorcycle is. Will it be the new Africa Twin or something else? And if so, will it be the Africa Twin we hope it to be? We offer more questions than answers for now…

In terms of something else, it could be a Honda Elsinore, and it could be of 500cc instead of 1,000cc. For more information on a possible Elsinore variation to the Africa Twin, check our Elsinore or Africa Twin post.  Or it could be a different motorcycle for a different type of adventure. We will know soon.

For more information on what we and others have speculated about it being a new Africa Twin, check our “The Honda Africa Twin is back” post.

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