“On Any Sunday:” Time to see it again!

If you like motorcycles and you haven’t seen the film “On Any Sunday,” or you haven’t seen it in a while, now would be a good time to see it again.  I picked up the January 2012 issue of Cycle World, the one with the beautiful Panigale on the cover (yes, you can’t miss it on the magazine stand), and they are featuring a reunion of the cast of characters involved in the filming of “On Any Sunday” minus the missed Steve McQueen, of course.

January 2012 Cycle World cover

Cycle World got together Bruce Brown, who made the film, and the two riders Malcolm Smith and Mert Lawwill for a reunion 40 years after the movie was made.  Including Husqvarna motorcycles from the time of the film as well as new ones.

It is worth reading the article.  For one thing it is great to see photographs of Malcolm Smith and Mert Lawwill still roosting when they are 70-something! But for another, the article brings several insights about how the film’s idea emerged, behind the scenes accounts, and several other stories related to the film, including stories related to the celebrated Steve McQueen.  It is a good way to celebrate the sport and to pay tribute to those who greatly helped popularize the sport.


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