It’s cold but it is not raining

This is it. It is Sunday and it is not raining, so it should be good enough for a ride. Let’s take the Tiger out for a stretch.

Tiger ready for the action. November 20, 2011

The idea is just to ride in the area, a couple of hours or so, going north on the Willamette valley.  I stopped on the same vineyard I stopped last week when I took the Dakar on a similar ride. Notice the difference on one week – less color, less leafs.

One weel later, less color and less leafs on the vinyard. Benton County, OR. November 20, 2011

I continue the ride, went past Monroe and looped back south via Alpine.  It was getting cold. This bike has no heated grips.

Somewhere between Territorial Rd and Alpine Rd. Benton County, OR, November 20, 2011

A quick stop for a photo, it was wet everywhere out of the main roads.

Quick stop on the way back home. Territorial Hwy. November 20, 2011

And that was it, about 70-80 miles later I was back home. It was nice to walk back inside the house and find it warm!

Back home! November 20, 2011

That was all folks!

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