The 2021 One Moto Show

I was not expecting the One Moto show would happen this year. In February 2020, the 2020 One Moto Show was the last public event I attended in 2020. And now, end of April 2021, the 2021 One Moto Show is the first public event I’ve attended since then. Perfect book ends to this gap I’ll keep nameless here.

2021 One Moto Show at the Zidell Yards Building, Portland, Oregon

I received a press invite from SeeSee on April 8th and immediately confirmed my presence. Having press credentials allows me access to the exhibits at specific times when the general public is not present yet. In regular years, that’s great for photographing motorcycles from all angles without worrying about who could be in the background. This year it afforded me the extra benefit to exercise social distancing. Much appreciated, organizers, thank you.

2021 One Moto Show

One element of the One Moto Show I always enjoyed were the locations of the event. Up until last year, the show would rotate locations around the Portland area, using buildings that once were part of the industry that once existed in the area.

The 2016 One Moto Show

Last year it was different, though. The event took place at the Veterans Memorial building, a large box building, but it had an indoors arena, and flat track racing had become a key part of the show. Although I missed that perfect match between crafted machines and industrial, derelict buildings, I have to say I spent the greatest amount of my time during the 2020 One Moto Show at the race track, enjoying the action-packed races.

The 2020 One Moto Show included an arena for flat track racing. No races this year. Lose some, gain some.

You lose some, you gain some. 2021 was a much smaller event, but back at old, repurposed buildings. The Zidell Yards building was perfect for the event at a time when we transition back to some level of normalcy. For what it was designed, to build river barges, the building was a gigantic corridor with two very wide openings on both ends, which allowed great air circulation, and when matched with the high ceilings and side openings, was just perfect for the current times. It offered great air circulation.

The Zidell Yards Building, perfect setting for this year’s show

Although the number of exhibitors was smaller this year, who wouldn’t expect that, right?, the quality of the machines was great. Of course, I’m biased towards Italian machines, and my favorite bike of the show was a 1975 Laverda 750 SFC.

1975 Laverda 750 SFC

Some say this bike was once the famous Elettronica (electric ignition) version, but this once had carburetors. Either version is great, in my humble, semi-ignorant opinion about these bikes.

The same Laverda

And of course, talking about Italian machines, we gotta have that special Ducati on the show. There were some nice ones, including this one below, a Mike Hailwood replica. I was told from Google, that Mike Hailwood had retired from racing and at almost 40 years-old returned to race the legendary Island of Man TT race in 1978. He chose a Ducati 900SS for the event. At that age (from my point of view, very young age, mind you), people were not expecting much from him, neither from his non-factory supported machine. At that time, the machines expected to win such races were factory-sponsored Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki motorcycles. Against the odds, Mike Hailwood won the race (and again the the following year, by the way).

1985 Ducati Mike Hailwood Replica

Ducati was quick to capitalize on the situation and put together this replica that was produced from 1979 to 1986, this one being a 1985 model.

There were plenty of other beautiful Italian machines at the show this year. Here are a few of them.

The event had, once again, Indian Motorcycles as one of the sponsors. Great to see the 2022 Carbon FTR.

2022 Carbon 1200 FTR

And a few other Indian motorcycles were on display.

There were plenty of other beautiful machines on display. But to me, what was most important was that the show must go on. The SeeSee folks made it happen with what was possible.

One has to appreciate that. Well, at least I did.

Thank you for reading.

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4 Responses to The 2021 One Moto Show

  1. davidwachs says:

    Well done sir, a show that I’ve still not made the trip to SEE!

  2. João Müller says:

    Oi César,
    em Bento Gonçalves, todo o ano tem um evento semelhante a este, mas sempre realizado no prédio da Expo-Bento…

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