Forget about motorcycles!

Forget about motorcycles, let’s do something else for mechanical entertainment.

It is not an April fool’s joke, neither a permanent decision.  It reflects, however, the need to get my lawn mower ready for the grass growing season. And why not use the motorcycle lift to work on it?

Well, I did wash the Honda this morning, before it started raining.  I will continue that work on the Honda and then the Yamaha, the two bikes that went to the Death Valley, tomorrow. For now, let’s do the basic maintenance on the Troy Bilt / Honda lawn mower and let’s start spring the right way.

I will continue my report on the Death Valley trip very soon as well. The next chapter will be the work for getting ready which includes fun activities (well, they are fun for me) such as installing auxiliary lights on the Honda and the Yamaha, buying the trailer, and working on the trailer.

Trailer almost ready for action, March 2017

Fun work!  More on that soon!  Thank you for reading.

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