A Ducati Multistrada 939?

While I was entertaining the possibility that Ducati would come up with a real enduro machine based on the Scrambler line, a reader from Moto.It came across this disguised motorcycle that looks a lot like the Multistrada, but in a smaller version.

A 939 Multistrada?

A 939 Multistrada?

The folks at Moto.It believe the motor is the one from the 939 line (as in Hyperstrada, Hypermotard).  It makes sense to me.  When I tested the previous Hyperstrada version (you can read that report here), the one based on the 821 motor, I thought it was a perfect machine.  At 110 hp at 9,250 RPM and 65.8 lb-ft at 7,750 RPM I thought it lacked a bit of grunt, well, when compared to my 1200 Multistrada and my previous Streefighter 848.  Having said that, the motor’s performance was not quite and issue, it actually moved the bike fast and the motor was very smooth at it.


I test rode the Hyperstrada (this was the 821 version)

Overall lack of comfort for touring and some, well, lack of “maturity” to the design was more of an issue to me on the Hyuperstrada. Nothing wrong about it being a hooligan machine, at 450lbs of weight. However, it lacked the travel requirements I would think a “strada” motorcycle should have.

If Ducati develops a 939 Multistrada, though, that would make this smaller size bike such a perfect motorcycle for so many who, like me, think the Hyperstrada just doesn’t cut it, and for the ones who think the Multistrada 1200 is a bit too much. As a matter of fact, a 939 Multistrada would actually be comparable to the lovely MV Agusta Turismo Veloce.


2016 MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800

To keep things in perspective, the 939 motor in the Hyperstrada delivers 113 hp at 9,000 RPM and 72.2 ln-ft at 7,500 rpm.  These numbers are very close to the Turismo Veloce’s numbers of 110 hp at 10,000 RPM and 61.2 lb-ft at 8,000 rpm.  And if I remember my ride on the Turismo Veloce, it was plenty fun!  You can read it here.

Overall, a 939 cc Multistrada would fit a perfect spot in the range of what we can call mid-size sport touring motorcycles and it would show how Ducati continues to expand its motorcycle lines, and investing more on adventure machines.


Talking about adventure, Ducati, please hurry up, burn a few marketing steps, and put together the Enduro version of this Multistrada 939.  Am I dreaming too big?  Maybe not, judging by that “spy” photo, this smaller Multistrada already comes with a 19 inch front wheel and double-sided swingarm.  And the low seat height might allow for 21-inch front wheel and more suspension travel for an Enduro version without making it a too tall of a motorcycle.


Let’s see if this possible Multistrada 939 will show up at EICMA.  Very likely at this point. Or if Ducati delivers an Enduro Scrambler. Or both bikes, and then some?

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6 Responses to A Ducati Multistrada 939?

  1. dario says:

    Very happy to hear this…I have been waiting for this byke a long time…and I am surprised they did not come out with it earlier….I am sure it will be a best seller….

  2. Christopher Arthur says:

    yep, totally agree, I sold my 2013 Multi after a month touring in the Pyrenees, It was fantastic on fast A and B roads, best bike I’ve ever owned in fact, but at 5ft 10 I couldn’t flat foot – barely touch the ground with the balls of my feet – which on poorly surfaced semi deserted 1 in 4 mountain roads made me too tentative to really let go – (ok lack of riding skills may well have something to do with that) Had the opposite experience the year before on the same roads with my old SF 1098… Proper hooligan bike, just kept repeating the same switchbacks to see if I could get on the gas earlier … If the Multi 939 is at least an inch lower to the ground and at 10-15kg lighter (than the old 2013 model) I’m in, especially if there’s an S or SP version… If it’s just a lower spec Multi costing a few grand less (ie Raleigh Chipper vs Raleigh Chopper) I think I’ll go for the new MV Agusta Brutale….

    • cesardagord says:

      Well, the Multistrada DVT is already one inch or so shorter at the seat. I can flat foot at a 30.5-inch inseam. I’m about 5ft 9. But I agree with you on your account of what a 939 could be all about. Let’s hope for the best, for more options out there. You did not not like the Turismo Veloce? I thought it was an awesome machine! Did not get one because there is no dealer support near me (nearest is 4 hours way).

      • Christopher Arthur says:

        Thanks.. I wasn’t aware that the newer DVT Multi was a bit lower to the ground – That’s good to know, although I think I probably decided against the newer model because I just didn’t feel I would be able to use 160 bhp on those mountain twisties – I seem to remember it being a bit heavier than the outgoing model too, although not significantly so and I may be wrong – When I read the review It felt like it was going in the wrong direction for me ie more weight and more power .. although I guess the Pikes Peak version would be a bit lighter with a full Termi system and Marchesinis – but not inexpensive… The Tourism Veloce looks awesome, totally agree, and has been well reviewed.. Sadly, there are no dealerships near me either, which means that ownership would require a bit more love and dedication … Not difficult when the bike looks that good though. I like the idea of the Brutale 800, but the Turismo Veloce might well be the perfect bike for me….

      • cesardagord says:

        Unfortunately the new Pikes Peak does not come with the Marchesini wheels. And it is a bit heavier than the previous model as well (although it comes with Ohlins, which may offset some of the weight gain). I’m writing a comparison between my 2013 Pikes Peak and the DVT version right now. Will complete it in the next day if not tonight.

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