Honda True Adventure – Episode 6 – The meeting, Part 2

Here is Episode 6 of the Honda True Adventure, the new Africa Twin.  Not much new information on this video, still no official specifications about this bike.  Except that now you can see video of the bikes in action.  This video was probably filmed in Spain and/or Morocco.  We heard reports the bikes were in Spain (Granada) at the end of June or early July where they were being tested, photographed and filmed.  After that the bikes were sent to Morocco for more tests.

The “meeting” conversation itself was filmed in Germany (see Episode 4) a few months back.  They edited the film from both sets of footage (Germany’s meeting with the test riding footage of Spain, maybe Morocco).

Although no specs were discussed, there are some interesting conversation topics on the “meeting, Part 2.”  Perhaps we should call this conversation, which appears very informal, a marketing spiel, as they approached some of the key features of the bike.

One of the conversation items is the decision about naming the bike the Africa Twin. They call this the big question. It sounds a bit like self-promoting when they say “is this bike worth to be called Africa Twin?  If not, it should not be launched” (or something like this).  So you are made to believe the original Africa Twin was really a great bike. Maybe it was. Certainly it is in terms of people’s perceptions this bike has acquired legendary status.  Having said that, many people looking into buying this bike have never ridden the original Africa Twin.  The name will sell, and that’s the key aspect of this item of the conversation – while at the same time I believe they wanted to build a bike that met the expectations of what the name Africa Twin represents to the adventure riding community.

Another item on this conversation is about DCT.  They rehearse a conversation that goes in the mind of many adventure riders today on several motorcycle forums: will DCT work for adventure riding? Of course, their conversation aims at promoting DCT as a great idea that works also for off road situations. “I could never imagine an off road bike with DCT.  Now I realize it is possible” one of them says. On the Episode 5, “the Meeting Part 1” they talk about this bike being a game changer in the adventure segment.  It is believed DCT is what they consider the game changer feature.

Still about DCT, some riders wonder whether a DCT equipped bike can wheelie.  I’ve never ridden a bike with DCT, but a general consensus seems to be that at least it won’t be as easy as wheeling a bike with a clutch.  Freeze the image of this video on minute 2:14, where you can clearly see both bikes’ motors on their right side.  The red bike is the one with DCT. It is also confirmed by all the close ups of the DCT buttons, where you can see some of the red plastic on the background on all those close ups. Finally, on the video you can see the white bike wheeling, and no footage of the red bike wheeling.  We can’t conclude the bike with DCT won’t wheelie, perhaps that was the rider’s choice. But we know the non-DCT bike does.

Another item included on this conversation is the weight of the motorcycle. Again, no specs are mentioned, but one of them says: “When you look at it, it doesn’t look like a 1,000cc bike. When you ride it feels lighter than a Transalp.”  Not very informative and perhaps not very encouraging, when we know people say the same thing about the Yamaha Super Tenere XTZ 1200, one of the heaviest adventure motorcycles out there at more than 600lbs (wet weight).  The Africa Twin’s weight remains an unknown.

They also discuss the motor sound, intake and exhaust.  The video shows a few seconds of the motor’s sound.  I would say it is okay. I’m sure it will be better when riding it and feeling the twin motor in action.  They also try to describe the bike’s character.

Now for my observations on the film:  The suspension seems somewhat soft, it feels like it bounces too much and maybe even bottoms up when the bike goes over large bumps. The bike looks a bit on the large size – perhaps the same or larger size when compared to the Tiger 800 XC.  Either that or the riders are very small.  Overall, great footage of the bikes in action!

Continue to stay tuned, we will post information as soon as we get a hold of it (we know more information is coming soon).

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