Poll: What is your favorite rendition of the New Africa Twin?

By now we have at least five renditions for what the New Africa Twin will look like based on rumors that Honda will bring this bike back to the market in 2015 or 2016 (if you want to read more about each version, read the post on this link).

In order of appearance in the rumor mill, we have:

Motorrad’s version (Germany):  Dubbed CRF 1000 it is based on Honda’s excellent 450cc machine used in the Dakar races.

Will this be the 2015 CRF1000 Africa Twin?

Motorrad’s version

In Moto (Italy):  Somewhat similar to Motorrad’s version, but with a front fairing more similar to the CB500X and NC700X.

In Moto Version

In Moto Version

MCN (England):  Replica of the original, including the double round headlights and gold rims.

MCN's rendition of the New Africa Twin. Can you spot the differences?

MCN’s rendition of the New Africa Twin.

Moto Journal (France):  Similar to In Moto’s rendition but with headlight and bash plate that seem to have been copied from the KTM 1190.

Yet, another rendition of the speculated Honda.

Moto Journail

EnduroPro (Spain):  A mix between the MCN and the In Moto versions. But the motor on this drawing is not very realistic and also does not look like a parallel twin. Although EnduroPro’s text indicates they believe the bike will be a parallel twin.

EnduroPro Magazine's rendition of the New Africa Twin

EnduroPro Magazine’s rendition of the New Africa Twin

Your criteria could be to select the one you believe is more likely to be what Honda is thinking about, or the one you like best.

Have fun!


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1 Response to Poll: What is your favorite rendition of the New Africa Twin?

  1. Albert says:

    I think you cannot do away with the belly pan and the flow of the way the fearing integrates with the tank and the rest of the bike. Must have the same feel between your legs when you ride the old model but with the comfort of a suzuki dl 650 or 1000. Had five Twins and love the looks of this icon. Keep it more or less the same as the last model but with the punch of the 1190 KtM The double lights must be on the new model. Dont alter it to much, the top fearing can be a bit more aggressive,but not to rear away from the older moddel look. It looks better bulkier but when you get on it must feel slim like the lines of the 1190 ktm. If the new Afica Twin is going to be a more offroad bike than a p

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