Spring Cleaning – The S100 Cycle Cleaner to the rescue

My bikes spent the winter “protected” by a thin layer of dried up mud. When finally an actual spring weekend arrived, instead of riding I took the time to work on the yard and clean the bikes.

The Triumph Tiger before the wash. Eugene, April 14th, 2012

In life we all want that magic pill, the easy button that will solve problems. Usually it is an elusive quest. But we all want to find it and because of that there are plenty of snake-oil type products being sold out there that do not accomplish the advertised outcome.  Cleaning a motorcycle is not an easy job, with all the difficult to reach areas where dirt and grease hide from cleaning.  But I’m glad to report that there is an actual easy button for cleaning motorcycles.

The S100 Cleaner

There may be other products out there, but this thing here, the S100, does the job very well. The bike must be cool, I usually rinse the bike first, then I spray the S100, then rinse the bike and that’s it.  A touch up with a damp cloth and a stronger de-greaser in some areas and it is done.

The cleaned bike, before touch up.

And Sunday it was the Dakar’s time to get into the action.

The Dakar gets cleaned as well

In the end, a fun spring weekend. Bikes are clean, grass is cut.

Two bikes cleaned

How much fun can you buy for 11.45?

With one bottle you can clean three or four bikes, maybe more

With one of these bottles you can clean a few bikes or the same bike a few times, depending on how dirty the bikes are. This time the little Yamaha was left behind. Sorry little guy, your turn will come soon.

This one still has the mud treatment

That’s all folks.

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2 Responses to Spring Cleaning – The S100 Cycle Cleaner to the rescue

  1. Bradley says:

    I’ve been tempted to try the S100 cleaner, thanks for the review I’ll give it a go.

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