Completing the 500 Miles

To summarize, I collected the bike July 8th and did not home until it already had 230 miles on the clock. The following day another 236 miles.  I little bit more is necessary to take the bike back to the dealer to the important 500 miles service.  Easy and fun job. Let’s go.

Baily Hill to Territorial to Simonsen and I’m on a road I call the shake down road, where I take bikes for testing whenever changes are made on them.  I particularly like this dirt road starting right where the bike is.

And this is what it looks like riding on this road!

Mission accomplished.  This bike has now 531 miles.

I washed it and got it ready to take it to the dealer. Funny that I took it there, all clean, and the first thing the shop tech says is: “you took it out on the dirt.” I asked how do you know? I cleaned it so well? He pointed to the chain.  Oops, forgot to clean it.

Next up: A Bridge not too Far: The 800XC Does the Golden Gate Bridge


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