A Maiden Voyage, The Tiger 800XC

I picked up my Tiger 800XC at the Cycle Parts shop in Eugene. By the way, let me add a plug for Cycle Parts here.  It is a family operated business and they operate it professionally but with a nice family touch.  Throughout the buying experience I felt as I was a member of the family.

I was going to take it home and prep it for a Saturday ride. Problem is that on the first corner I had to turn right to go home, instead, I turned left. Let’s take it for a short spin before taking it home.

I went to the King Estate Winery. The way there goes though nice country roads. Last time I came here I was testing the Tiger 800. Now, I’m on a shake down ride of my own bike.

Coming out of the King Estate drive, instead of turning left to go home, I turned right… Several miles later I was on Smith River rd.

And by this time, I was already 44 miles into this ride.  It was becoming the maiden voyage for this bike. So let’s keep going, I thought.

The road narrows a bit, and at times become almost like a two-track dirt road, with broken down pavement.  The bike did it all very well.  I can see how it will do well on gravel. The road opens up again.

I was thinking of connecting back to 126 and head back to Eugene.  Instead, another turn away from home and I’m on my way to Reedsport and the coast!

With 153 miles on the clock I filled the tank for the first time. That’s when the gas station attendant mentioned he likes these bikes, and I told him it was brand new, to which he said: it’s on its maiden voyage!

And how far had I been on this “around the block” shake down ride. And it was 5:43 in the afternoon! Time to go home.  I also realized I was hungry. I ate a sandwich quickly and headed back home. Stopped by the covered bridge on Nelson Mountain Rd.

Got home just before sunset, completing the first 230 miles on this bike.

A couple of “first photos” of the bike in its home.

And time to say good night! Be nice to each other!

Impressions… well, this bike is great.  I could not test it to its limits since it is in its break in period and revs are limited to 5K. But it is looking very good.  I’m ready to go again today and complete the miles for the first service (500 miles). One thing that I noticed is that, compared to my BMW, this bike’s clutch actuation is really heavy. About half way through this ride and my left hand was hurting. My left arm and hand were visibly developing new muscle shape. Hopefully today I will do better.  Another observation is that people seem to be a lot more friendly to this bike than they are to the BMW or the Yamaha. There is something charismatic about this bike and about Triumph, it appears.   It could simply be its friendly face. And bright color.

To summarize the story, what was meant to be a little ride around the block before going back home it turned into a 230 miles loop.  It says a lot about this bike’s great riding capability.


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2 Responses to A Maiden Voyage, The Tiger 800XC

  1. advgrrls says:

    you should check out what this bike can do….just got back from a 44 day trip on loaned Tigers up to Alaska. Triumph Canada loaned them to us. Now we want them and we own BMW’s 🙂


    • cesardagord says:

      Hey Leslie,
      I’ve followed your travel report in ADV Rider. Great stuff you two! And congratulations on mission accomplished. My bike already has close to 3,000 miles, I just need to update the blog… Thanks for stopping by.

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