Death Valley, March 2011

After so many motorcycle reviews and ride reports from Death Valley, I had to go try it myself.  And I was not disappointed.  In fact, I realize that words, photos and videos never capture it the way it deserves to be captured.

Here are a few pictures and videos of my trip to Death Valley, taken in March 2011.  Leaving Oregon, going through snow on all mountain passes.

More snow just north of Alturas, California.

And finding a sand storm on the way to Hawthorn, Nevada.

Originally, three of us from Eugene would partake of this adventure. In the end, only two of us made it. I made this trip with Doug, one of my riding friends from Oregon.  Because of the weather and because we were taking the small bikes, we trucked our bikes on the long distance (about 760 miles, 1200 Km).

We established our headquarters in a hotel, in Beatty, NV, and from there we rode to several of the most common riding attractions of the Death Valley park.

And for the next days we rode to a few canyons off West Rd.

Eureka Dunes

We continued on the road that goes to the left of the dunes, and around them, going between the dunes and the mountain range to the left, in the direction of Dedeckera canyon.

And here is a video of what it is to ride on this road.

We continued to the dry falls of Dedeckera Canyon.

And from there to Steel Pass, which I found to be one that the most beautiful areas of this trip.

Check this road with these views…

A Joshua tree keeping guard of such nice views.

And we descended down to Saline Valley, which you can see as the light color patch way down on the distance.

This is what it looks like to ride on the road that goes down to Saline Valley.

And then we climbed back to the hotel via Lippincott Road.  This road is famous for being narrow, steep, rough, and at times close to the edge of the mountain.  Here are two videos showing what it feels like when riding it.

And the second part:

From there we went through the Race Track

And the Tea Kettle junction

The next ride was to Echo Canyon.

Where we found Inyo mine, an example of the typical old abandoned mines of the region

I will be back to the Death Valley. There is plenty to be see and ride in that area.


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