Big Freaking Trees

Oregon has a collection of very tall trees.  Their location are usually kept in secret. Why would you ask? Vandalism is the answer.  These large trees have survived natural fires, man made fires, and the logging industry for many, many decades.  But they may quickly succumb to our predatory and destructive nature.  Once can wonder about it as much as they want, it is difficult to understand.  Just recently I heard on the NPR about the discovery of what is supposed to be the tallest tree in Oregon.  The location given? Vaguely in the area of the Rogue river.  The reporter was clear on the intention to be unclear about reporting the exact location in order to preserve the tree from vandalism. His words, not mine.

Anyway, one of my riding friends had heard of a set of tall trees in the Cascades, not far north from Marcola, close to the Crabtree Lake.  So let’s go check it out.  We met at the Tipi Retreat and proceeded from there.  The Dakar was selected for the job, since there would be several miles of pavement to get there.

Always a reminder of the nice views we have anywhere in this state.

We found the Crabtree Lake

And from there we found a group of the largest trees in Oregon.  Including the largest one we found in the area. You see how wide the trunk is when you compare it to my friends Ken and Suzanne.

The lake is nice too. One more photo of the lake.

And it is a nice day trip from Eugene.

Thanks for reading.




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