Ochoco Forest, OR 2008

The local BMW motorcycle dealer is one of my usual “hangouts” on Saturday mornings. I go there to drool over the new machines.

But Scott, Madeline and Kendrik, along with their staff at the shop: Lin, Doug, Tom and the rest of the team are also a hub for local riders as they organize social events and rides. It was there that I met several of the people with whom I ride. They organize an annual rally, called the Discovery Rally (or something to that order). In 2oo8 the rally would take place in the Ochoco State Forest, in east Oregon.

There was one slot open and so they invited me to attend this year’s rally. I loaded the bike on the truck and went to the Ochocos.

On one of my Saturday morning hangouts I had met Alain and Rebecca, a very nice couple who happened to be part of the rally.  I did not know many of the people there, so Alain and Rebecca invited me to their fold and introduced me to a nice group of riders. The photo below is courtesy of Alain Despatie.

I rode with them the three days I was there and great a great time not only riding…

but enjoying their company as well.

Great times!

Great riding!

New friends!

Good memories of September 2008

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