The most badass rider there is

Have you ever wondered who is the rider taking the most risks out there? I was watching a John McGuiness interview the other day (Marc Potter), and he was describing that picture where he is shown to be side-ways at 175mph.  You know the picture.

McGuiness sideways (Bike Social)

McGuiness sideways (Bike Social)

And he talks about what he is doing to win the TT race.  He is the one with the second most wins… and it is because he wants to win it. And he will make it happen, as the photo shows. The TT is one intimidating race, it is the Nurgburing and then some, because it is about motorcycles. And this guy knows how to win it because he knows what it takes. As did Joey Dunlop and very few others.

John McGuinness at the TT Race (Independent)

John McGuinness at the TT Race (Independent)

In my opinion, of all the riders out there, winners on all modalities, from speed to endurance, the TT riders are on top as the most badass riders out there. And chances are  you would agree with me.

But you may bring something else to the table.  For example, I go to Brazil often and I see those riders on 125cc motorcycles and a large fiberglass box mounted to their bikes’ rear rack.  They ride everyday, rain or shine, in heavy traffic, filtering through cars that are already too large for their own narrow lanes, and then, at night the time perhaps when they have more demand for work, they do it at the risk of being robbed at gun point, besides the inherent higher risk during night riding itself.

Motoboy, that's how they are called.

Motoboys, that’s how they are called.

You order that pizza, they deliver. In Brazil many products and documents are delivered by riders. They are badass riders on their own right. Perhaps they have a choice to work on something different, something that does not involve riding a motorcycle.  But perhaps they picked this kind of work because they like riding or that kind of work and the adventure that comes with it is what they are looking after. It is a lot less boring than a desk job.

And what about Simon and Lisa who have been riding the world for many years. It is not about the known danger of riding in different countries, different traffic rules, precarious roads, different driver cultures, only.

a chance encounter with Lisa and Simon at the BMW shop

a chance encounter with Lisa and Simon at the BMW shop

It is about the courage to live on the go, without the security of a place to call home.

Yes, difficult to tell who is taking most risks and why they do it. This post is for all of you riders who have fun doing what you enjoy, making riding your way of living, and for those who push my imagination to farther away horizons.  There are many other badass riders out there because, to a certain extent, smaller extent in my case, we all are.  Enjoy your own ride and the rides with your friends. Ride more, ride safe.

(by the way, this was my 200th post!)

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