One Moto Show – Portland 2016

I enjoyed seeing so many unique motorcycles, or should I call them creations, last year at the One Moto Show, so I went back this year for more.  And I was not disappointed.  The One Moto show continues to be the place to go to see motorcycle art, get inspired for your own projects, marvel at other people’s creativity.

One Moto Sow - Portland 2016 - Same building as last year

One Moto Sow – Portland 2016 – Same building as last year

Right by the entrance door I was surprised to find this beauty.  A pre-production, 2017 BMW R nineT Scrambler.  According to BMW Motorrad news, this bike should be out at the dealers by Q3 2016 as a 2017 model.  I will have a separate post just for this bike, with more photos and more information… just because this bike deserves it.

Pre-production 2017 BMW R nineT Scrambler

Pre-production 2017 BMW R nineT Scrambler.

BMW was again the marque of the show with some interesting creations, like the K bike below.


Or this R nineT modified to look like the original R 90 S in its sunburst orange version and dressed with some good Roland Sands Designs pieces.

IMG_6275Another view of this beauty.

IMG_6284And then you could find the most outrageous creations, just like last year.  Check this turbo-charged 1982 Harley Davidson beast.  By the way, notice the crowds, I could see see some beards and some flannel shirts, but less of them together.  I suppose we are past the peak of the flannel and bearded hipster movement.


Another view of this turbo creation.


There were a few flat trackers on display.  Flat trackers, together with scramblers, are my favorite motorcycles. in terms of looks.  Hence my preference to Scrambler Ducati in its Full Throttle version.


This one below is probably not the most functional design, but what beautiful lines.  I like the covered forks with a wide tube, covering the lower triple clamp and tapering to the top. And what about the shape of the very short handlebars? It is art for the sake of art, I believe.  Until someone tells me it rides very nicely as well.


This Honda reminded me of my 250XL. At least the tank, the front fender, the red color, and the yellow and white Honda wings logo matched my humble and never forgotten 250.

IMG_6312What about a 1965 Ducati 250 from before the L-twin motors.

IMG_6320Motorcycles having this old building as a backdrop, a perfect match.

IMG_6332Whatever this building was, this new temporary use seems perfect.

IMG_6324Good crowds too.  I arrived Saturday, at about 11am, and got in right away – no lines.  By the time I left, about an hour later or so, there was a line going around the block.


Great sense of humor on this for sale sign.


I thought last year they had more motorcycles, more exhibits, but it could only be my impression.  I’m looking forward to being to the One Moto show again next year.

The next post will be about the BMW R nineT Scrambler. My next bike? Stay tuned.

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4 Responses to One Moto Show – Portland 2016

  1. Rick says:

    Too bad I didn’t think of sending you a note letting you know I’d be going to the show. We could have met up! Ah, well, next time. 🙂

    I ended up riding out to Cascade Locks after the show. Gorgeous, as always. Sunday’s ride back to Seattle was a bit….soggy.

  2. Trobairitz says:

    Thank you for attending and sharing the pictures. We decided not to go this year, too many people last year and the pushing and shoving was no fun.

    • cesardagord says:

      I’ve heard Sunday is busier than Saturday. I arrived Saturday at 11am and got in right away. By the time I left at 12-noon there was a long line. But anyway, they determine how many people they allow in the facility at any time, which may be describing the problems you encounter. I will try going even earlier next year… problem is waking up that early on a Saturday… 🙂

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