Honda True Adventure – Episode 5 – The Test

Well, it seems Honda has decided to release a lot more information about this bike, in very quick form.  We are not complaining…

Honda used to have an R&D center in Offenbach, near Frankfurt.  Perhaps they re-opened a new R&D center in Europe, this time near Munich? On this video, titled “The Test” the test riders ride the new Africa Twin in Germany. The video is staged just south of Munich near the town of Tutzing by the Stamberger Lake according to the map depicted in the video. The same map would indicate they rode on dirt roads on a corridor between Monatshauser Strasse to the south and Kustermannstrasse to the north.

And what about the 60’s or perhaps early 70’s decor of the hotel, preserved from a time before the original Africa Twin? With the radio playing on the background in German, the hotel decor, the low light, the emptiness of the hotel, it puts an interesting and rather different scenario for this test ride, James Bond like.

…We are just enjoying this last batch of information from Honda about this motorcycle.  Nice sounds from the motor, by the way.

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