The Steens 2010

A quick Google search for the word “Steens” will produce interesting one-sentence descriptors of Oregon’s Steens Mountain:

“About as far from any populated place as you can get in the Lower 48 States about says it for Oregon’s remote Steens Mountain.”

“Referred to as the crown jewel of Oregon, Steens Mountain rises dramatically above the Alvord desert (…)”

“Steens Mountain is a large fault-block mountain in the southeastern part of the U.S. state of Oregon.”

“Steens Mountain (…) is one of Oregon’s most treasured landmarks.”

John Hicks, a non riding friend of mine, described it in one word: Powerful! And that word made sense to me.

I returned to the Steens in September of 2010. I had been there in June 2006 (please check the June 2006 archive) and since that time I’ve been thinking of returning to that magical place.

This time I went with a different group of riders, and I was able to spend more time exploring the area.

Just a few teaser pictures and videos follow:

Getting to the Steens via Fandango Road.

What it looks like riding it.

The Steens Mountain Loop, starting and ending just outside Frenchglen, Oregon.

The famous Kiger Gorge

Clouds bring a dose of drama to the scene

Fresh Snow on the the Steens Loop.

Southeast of Fields, OR, still in that area, Trout Creek Mountain:

Riding in the Trout Creek Mountain Area:

South of Fields, OR, Domingo Pass:

In the direction of the Nevada border:

Going north again, the Long Draw:

Hawk Valley

Riding on Hawk Valley (fun in the water)

Funnel Canyon

Catlow Valley

The Bike:

This is a great area to ride. I strongly recommend!


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3 Responses to The Steens 2010

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  2. SonjaM says:

    Oh, stop it already, that can’t be real. Nice puddle diving.

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