BackYard Rides 2010

Time to get those cobwebs moved out of the way. Winter, move over! February can be cold, and wet. But we can get a few dry days… and when that happens, I just get the bike ready for a spin.

As I’m getting to know better the area, I already know places to go – dirt and gravel roads that start in less than 20 miles form my driveway.  One of my destinations in 2010 has become the Roman Nose.

From there I turn around and consider it done! Usually round trip can be anything from 80 to 100 miles.  The Roman Nose is about 20 miles from the Pacific Ocean as the crow flies.  There is the Pacific.

Lots of nice roads around that area.

I’ve done this route a few times as a warm up and practice for the rides I had planned for this year.

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