Backyard Rides 2006

The backyard rides are the day rides I take in the area close to my house.  Rides where I leave in the morning, never too learly, and come back in the afternoon. They are what I call practice runs.  I test bikes and equipment during these day rides. I also these rides to practice my skills and develop endurance at the beginning of each season.

Eugene is located in a privileged area. You can go anywhere around here. To the beach:

South Jetty, Florence, Oregon

To the Cascades:

To the Oregon Coast Range

All of this with almost no traffic to get there and back.

I bought the BMW F650GS Dakar new in March 2006.  Here it is as it was being taken out of the palette and being prepped for delivery at the BMW shop.

Soon I was riding everywhere in the “backyard”, getting reacquainted with the feeling of riding a motorcycle.  It had been several years since I had ridden my last motorcycle.  Got the gear (suit, helmet, gloves and boots) and went out to discover my area with riders I met at the local BMW dealer.

It was good that I practiced, I had to get ready! I was going to embark on a great adventure in June 2006. I was invited to join a group of experienced rides based in Bend, Oregon, and with them reach the Steens in SouthEast Oregon and the Black Rock desert in Gerlach, Nevada, performing a Giant Loop, returning home via California.

Cesar, March to June 2006

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2 Responses to Backyard Rides 2006

  1. Ike Müller says:

    Have you ever been to Crater Lake National Park?
    We’ve been there on last September and had a lot of fun…
    Gorgeous place…

    Ike, Kéia…
    That’s why we didn’t visit you.. Few days left to reach Victoria and Vancouver ( our last destination since San Francisco – American Academy of ENT…)

    • cesardagord says:

      Great to hear from you. Yes, I’ve been to Crater Lake a couple of times. On one of them it was Spring, and the road was still closed due to snow. On another time I had a chance to drive around the lake and even hike down to the water. Really neat and unique place to go visit and learn about its geological beginnings.

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