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To Oregon’s Ona Beach for a Tamale (Tiger 800 XC)

Last year I went to Ona beach, had a hot dog and a cup of gumbo, a quick visit, and I was back on the road. This year it was a Tamale. And like last year, there was a threat … Continue reading

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The Ducati Streetfighter 848 climbs Mary’s Peak

I have a few non-riding related ideas lined up for writing. It helps in bringing diversity to the posts. But first, I want to catch up by posting a couple of rides that took place last weekend.  The first one … Continue reading

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American Samoa: What makes it beautiful

I just got back from a trip to American Samoa (May 14-17th, 2012).  I had forgotten how does it feel to be on a hot and humid climate. I like adventure books, and I’ve read several adventure books about sailing, … Continue reading

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Taking the 848 Streetfighter to my Pacific Ocean Loop

Everyone has a favorite road for sightseeing, to go for a drive or in my case to go for a ride. I created a 200 mile loop for when I don’t have a specific destination for a ride.  The loop … Continue reading

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Ducati Streetfighter 848 – First ride

I was in the market for a bike that offered a different approach to riding than my current bikes have. I have a great gravel and dirt roads bike in the WR250R; and great touring capability with the Tiger 800XC. … Continue reading

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A Walk Down Memory Lane (in Porto Alegre)

I appreciate the value of a nice walk. Of course, I’d rather be riding, but as any world observer would state, slowing down helps in paying attention to the details, they are the dots we connect to realize the big … Continue reading

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Porto Alegre

I just returned from a nice visit to Porto Alegre. Porto Alegre is where I learned about life. That’s where I was born. To me, it is the most important place in the world. Porto Alegre in appropriate perspective to … Continue reading

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