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Another trip to Portland

It’s still raining here today and I still have plenty of stories to tell from my rides this summer.  I had big ideas for this summer, going to Alaska was one of them.  In the end, there were only rides … Continue reading

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Portland via The Dalles at the Columbia Gorge

It is a rainy weekend here in Eugene.  I’ve been to the garage a few times already this Sunday morning, checking on my bikes, touching them, I’d rather be riding! Instead, it’s another story I’m writing.  This one was the … Continue reading

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Back to the Cascades: a ride organized by the local Ducati shop

I can’t believe… this ride happened in early summer… I’m still in June on my reporting while at the present time we are at the end of September here in Eugene and it has been raining for a few weeks … Continue reading

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The Ducati Multistrada does the California Sierras

The Multistrada found its way into my garage for me to open my street riding horizons.  It is here to take me on long distance trips while bringing an edge to the touring side of riding, the Ducati edge I … Continue reading

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2013 Ducati Hyperstrada – Launch and First Ride

When I heard rumors about the Ducati Hyperstrada, a touring  version of the revised Hypermotard line, I thought of it as a great fun machine. I had ridden the Ducati Hypermotard before, and I knew how nimble it was, a … Continue reading

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2013 Ducati Multistrada 1200 Pikes Peak – First Ride

As you have guessed from my previous two posts, I chose the Multistrada as my next step from the Streetfighter. I picked it up Saturday morning, March 9th, a nice sunny day making it a great way to start this … Continue reading

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180° South, Economics, Alaska, Marshall Islands, and my new Motorcycle

Last Friday I finally met my new motorcycle when I stopped by the European Motorcycles of Western Oregon (EMCWOR) to start its paper work process.  Beautiful and shiny under a bright and sunny March day, there it was waiting for … Continue reading

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