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The Ducati Multistrada does the California Sierras

The Multistrada found its way into my garage for me to open my street riding horizons.  It is here to take me on long distance trips while bringing an edge to the touring side of riding, the Ducati edge I … Continue reading

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To Crater Lake and other nice places with the Ducati Multistrada

This post is written in memory of my Uncle André Benito D’Agord (Tio Benito). After several days of rainy and cold weather I was more than ready to ride when things cleared on the weekend’s weather forecast. And to compensate … Continue reading

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Crater Lake National Park with the Triumph

[This story is a continuation from my previous post, Metolius River, 2012 Edition.] Leaving the Metolius River area [Sunday, September 2] I rode south towards the Crater Lake via 97, following along the transition between the Cascades and the Oregon’s … Continue reading

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Japan’s Tsunami Debris Arrived in Oregon after a 15 month journey

On June 7th the local paper announced that a massive section of a floating dock set free by Japan’s tsunami had washed ashore on the Oregon coast.  The earthquake and the following tsunami happened in March 11th, 2011. This floating … Continue reading

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Animal House & Cottage Grove

Even if you are not an avid movie viewer you may have seen or at least heard of the 1978 film Animal House. If that is the case, you may also know that it was filmed in Oregon, mostly in … Continue reading

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Miss Veedol

I was invited to participate and present on a meeting taking place in Wenatchee, in the state of Washington, on June 8th. It is nice to have meetings scheduled for places outside my regularly visited cities. On my seventh year … Continue reading

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American Samoa: What makes it beautiful

I just got back from a trip to American Samoa (May 14-17th, 2012).  I had forgotten how does it feel to be on a hot and humid climate. I like adventure books, and I’ve read several adventure books about sailing, … Continue reading

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