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Tipi Village… No More?

After 18 years in Ohio, in November of 2005 I moved to Oregon.  In the several months before my move to the west coast I lurked on adventure rider websites, followed riding stories and dreamed about ending my 18-year riding … Continue reading

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Observations on Public Transportation

In the last several months I attended work related meetings in Washington DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Portland. In all of them I made use of their public transportation system. Using those systems was convenient to me in terms of … Continue reading

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Looking Back at a Rough Winter

We’re not out of the woods yet, I know, but it is March and Spring’s official start is just around the corner.  Around here the last few winters have been dryer and colder than  usual, summers warmer, fall rains starting … Continue reading

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My commute to work today, riding in the snow

I haven’t driven a car to work since April of this year. Since then, rain or shine, I’ve been between two options for commuting to work: walk to downtown and take the free-of-charge rapid transit bus to the University; or ride … Continue reading

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Asiana Flight 214

On July 6th, Asiana Flight 214, a Boeing 777 traveling from Seoul to San Francisco crashed when landing in San Francisco. On July 10th I boarded a Boeing 777 from San Francisco to Honolulu, on my way to the Marshall … Continue reading

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Honey and Allergies

[The events here reported took place in June 2013 – yes, I’m very late in my posting] I moved from Ohio to Oregon in 2005. Besides Oregon’s beautiful landscapes, the mountains, the Pacific ocean, the great roads for motorcycle riding, … Continue reading

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The Ducati Streetfigher 848 and the Stockholm Syndrome

A look back at my 2012 Riding Season  The 2012 riding season was an extraordinary riding season for me. I mostly rode a bike that is completely different than what I traditionally ride.  A bike that pushed my road riding … Continue reading

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