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Riding the 2014 Water-Cooled BMW R1200GS

It was Saturday, it was a beautiful spring day around these parts of the world, and the European Motorcycles of Western Oregon (EMCWOR) had a 2014 BMW R1200GS demo hanging out in front of the store. I had some time … Continue reading

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Observations on Public Transportation

In the last several months I attended work related meetings in Washington DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Portland. In all of them I made use of their public transportation system. Using those systems was convenient to me in terms of … Continue reading

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What’s in Lincoln City?

Not much. Except that it is often where my friends find rental houses for the weekends when we get together on the coast. I had this trip marked on my calendar long time ago. When was it going to happen … Continue reading

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Pacific Coast Loop – March 2014

The weekend before last I ran into my friend Ricardo and his wife at a local grocery store. I had not seen him for a while, as we usually see each other on the soccer pitch and both of us … Continue reading

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Pacific Coast Loop – February 2014

Sunday morning the sun was out early. Doug would be joining me on my first Pacific Ocean loop of 2014.  The Ducati is ready! Because one of my neighbors’ cats picked the Ducati as a territory marker (he has done … Continue reading

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First ride of 2014

It was still February when finally the riding stars aligned for me for the first time in 2014: I was here at home, it was a weekend, and the weather was reasonable. I had been eying the KTM 1190 adventure … Continue reading

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2013 Oregon Discovery Rally

This post is well past its time, but I just don’t feel I can start posting this year’s rides before properly completing the 2013 riding season. And especially because this last proper ride of 2013 became a relevant one for … Continue reading

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Looking Back at a Rough Winter

We’re not out of the woods yet, I know, but it is March and Spring’s official start is just around the corner.  Around here the last few winters have been dryer and colder than  usual, summers warmer, fall rains starting … Continue reading

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From Paisley back Home (last chapter of the 2013 Steens trip)

I like to complete my stories, and this report of my September 2013 trip to the Steens Mountain got side tracked and I never wrote its last chapter.  Among other stories already published after my last 2013 Steens post, I … Continue reading

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My commute to work today, riding in the snow

I haven’t driven a car to work since April of this year. Since then, rain or shine, I’ve been between two options for commuting to work: walk to downtown and take the free-of-charge rapid transit bus to the University; or ride … Continue reading

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